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PROGRAMA DA JUVENTUDE - October 1959 - TV Record

TV Record was perhaps the first TV station to show interest in the new rock'n'roll craze when they signed a New York revue group called Rock'n'roll Fantasy to perform at Teatro Cultura Artistica in Sao Paulo in 1957

Since March 1959 there was a brand-new musical phenomenon in the person of Celly Campello, a 17 year-old girl from Taubaté-SP who recorded a cover of  Connie Francis's 'Stupid cupid' translated quaintly as 'Estupido cupido' which went straight to #1 at the charts and stayed there for a couple of months. 

After EMI-Odeon released Celly Campello's first album - 'Estupido cupido' - and it would play on the radio just as if it were a single... well, Paulinho Machado de Carvalho thought there was a chance of launching a rock TV show starring the pretty girl from Taubaté. 

TV Record already had some experience with the local rock scene when Radio Panamericana (a Radio Record sister station) DJ Miguel Vaccaro Netto produced live rock-radio-shows right from the stage of Teatro Record, on Saturday afternoon. They called it 'Festival de Musica Americana' and it was a parade of singers, instrumental & vocal bands that would drive those kids crazy into freenzy dancing mood. 

That was it! TV Record would book Teatro Record for Saturday afternoons for a gathering of the burgeoning rock bands and singers plus Celly Campello as a sort-of anchor and broadcast whatever came out of it. They didn't have a name for the show so the called it simply 'Programa da Juventude' (Youth's hour) and it premiered on 10 October 1959, with handsome Randal Julio being the MC. 

Randal Juliano was the MC of 'Programa da Juventude' when it first started... 

10 October 1959 -  the first Saturday evening Brazilian rock show 'Programa da Juventude' starred by Celly Campello ('starred' is TV Record's own words) who is accompanied by 'Ritmos OK' from Taubaté.

here are the dates of 'Programa da Juventude' that were presented from the stage of Teatro Record, at Rua da Consolação, 1992 before it was banned by the station director and exiled to the TV station studio at Avenida Miruna, in the far-away suburb of Aeroporto. 

10 October 1959
17 October 1959
24 October 1959 
31 October 1959
7 November 1959
14 November 1959

It was exactly 6 programmes at Teatro Record before a paying audience. When the management found out that kids were slashing up theatre-seats they freaked out. Comedian José Vasconcelos and his hugely-successful one-man show - 'Eu sou o espetáculo' - packed the theatre every night, at 21:45 and there was no time to repair the damage done. The owner of TV and theatre, Paulinho Machado de Carvalho had no qualms: the Saturday rock-show would have to fold in its first incarnation and move to far-away Avenida Miruna, where the city airport was located and be broadcast from a studio with no audience.

When 'Programa da Juventude' moved out to Avenida Miruna, they finally found a title for it: 'Celly & Tony in Hi-Fi' which was really appropriate to a couple of so musical brother & sister.

Celly Campello backed by Ritmos OK, a rock band from Taubaté-SP on the right; The Avalons are on the left conferring among themselves about their next number.

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