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Young 1959

10 August 1959 – Monday - Disc-jockey Miguel Vaccaro Netto launches a competition at his radio show 'Disque Disco' on Radio Panamericana to choose a pseudonym for Regina Celia Belochi who has just recorded 'To know him is to love him' backed with 'Fallin' her first single for the new label Young. 

The Avalons are a group made up of 3 vocalists & 3 instrumentalists: lead-guitarrist Dudu (Francisco Eduardo de Sousa Pereira) is the fair type (alemão); Dudu's brother Paulinho de Sousa Pereira is at the drums & Daniel at the bass; 

THE AVALONS:  conjunto vocal e instrumental – 3 vocalistas e 3 instrumentalistas; formado pelo guitarrista Dudú (Francisco Eduardo de Sousa Pereira), que é loiro, tipo “alemão”;  Paulinho (Paulo de Sousa Pereira), bateria, que é irmão de Dudú; Daniel, no contra-baixo; Solano Faria, vocalista moreno; Bob [Robert], chinês que fala “americano” e Passarinho. Todos os rapazes tem menos de 21 anos e ensaiavam em uma casa na rua Cristiano Viana, em Pinheiros. Começaram a tocar em festas e bailes e foram descobertos no programa “Disque-disco” da Radio Panamericana.  Gravaram seu 1º disco em 78 r.p.m. e 45 r.p.m. entitulado “China rock” (composição de Dudú) e “Valentina, my Valentina” no lado B.  Seu 2º disco é “Alphabet of love” e “Rebel rouser” (de Duane Eddy).

25 September 1959 - Friday - a 2-hour live music stravaganza straight from the stage of Teatro Record, on Rua da Consolação, 1992, started at 3:00 PM 'Featival da Musica Americana' MCed by Miguel Vaccaro Netto. The venue was packed to the rafters one hour before it started. These were the acts who performed at the microphones of Radio Panamericana:

1. Nick Savoia & the Scarletts covered Lloyd Price's 'Personality' (#2 on 11 May 1959); Elvis Presley's 'Lover doll', from the movie 'King Creole' and Nick's own 'Hiccup' (covered from a Jimmy Morrison record).

2. The Beverlys - a Black vocal quintet among the very best in the land (quinteto negro dos melhores que existe em nossa terra) covered Art & Dotty Todd's 'Chanson d'amour' (#6 on on 21st April 1958) and Jerome Kerns's 'Smoke gets in your eyes' which The Platters took to #1 on 1st December 1958.

3. The Teenagers, a vocal group formed at Brás' Yazigi English-Course doing their debut covering Dion & the Belmonts' 'A teenager in love' (#5 on 27 April 1959) and Paul Anka's 'Lonely boy' (#1 on 8 June 1959).

4. Antonio Claudio accompanied by The Jester Tigers covered Elvis Presley's 'Hard headed woman' (#1 on 30 June 1958); Lloyd Price's 'Where were you on our wedding day?' (#23 on 30 March 1959) and Bobby Darin's 'Dream lover' (#2 on 4 May 1959).

5. The Avalons were the most eaguerly waited by the crowd for the theatre exploded in wild cheering. They covered the Fleetwood's 'Come softly to me' (#1 on 16 March 1959); Ricky Nelson's 'Poor little fool' (#1 on 7 July 1958) crooned by Passarinho aka Nilton; Lee & Paul's 'Valentina, my Valentina', and Solano Ribeiro's own 'All the time'.

6. Regiane came last and did a brand-new song, a cover of The Shirelles' My love is a charm'; Neil Sedaka's 'Fallin' (#30 on 17 November 1958) and The Teddy Bears' 'To know him is to love him' (#1 on 13 October 1958).

The Avalons closed the programme with the instrumental 'China Rock' their greatest hit.

12 October 1959 - Miguel Vaccaro Netto writes at his column at daily 'Ultima Hora' that The Avalons played at Colegio Des Oiseaux on Rua Caio Prado; The Jester Tigers (Tigres Brincalhões) led by guitarrist Jose Provetti recorded 'Dream lover' and 'Where were you on our wedding day?'; the singer is Antonio Claudio. The back-ground vocal was done by the remarkable Beverlys - the best in vocal harmonies. (O coro foi feito pelos notáveis Beverlys, o que de ótimo se possa querer em matéria de harmonia vocal).

22 October 1959 - Miguel Vaccaro writes at his 'Discos' column the names of the High Schools which three of the new teen-idols go to: Tuffy Jorge goes to Liceu Eduardo Prado on Rua Jacurici, Itaim-Bibi; Carlos David goes to Colegio Piratininga on Avenida Angelia, 381 & Hamilton Di Giorgio goes to Colegio Itaquera.

In March 1960, before the label folded Gato left the Jester Tigers to pursue a solo career.

The Teenagers were college students who met Yazigi language-school at Bras. CarlosWaltinhoHermesToninho & Prandini turned their passion for English and music into doo-wop harmony that made them popular in the Eastern Suburbs and further afield.

Later on, when Pradini left the group they changed their repertoire and their name to O Quarteto and became a fixture at 'O Fino da Bossa', Elis Regina's weekly TV programme which was strictly Bossa Nova (later known as MPB - Brazilian popular music).

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Antonio Claudio aka Danny Dallas

12 October 1959 - Miguel Vaccaro Netto writes at his column at daily 'Ultima Hora' that The Avalons played at Colegio Des Oiseaux on Rua Caio Prado; The Jester Tigers (Tigres Brincalhões) led by guitarrist Jose Provetti recorded 'Dream lover' and 'Where were you on our wedding day?'; the singer is Antonio Claudio. The back-ground vocal was done by the remarkable Beverlys - the best in vocal harmonies. (O coro foi feito pelos notáveis Beverlys, o que de ótimo se possa querer em matéria de harmonia vocal).

Antonio Claudio later known as Danny Dallas wearing his various striking cardigans...

Antonio Claudio Guimarães do Canto was born on 8 June 1941, in Sao Paulo. Since he was 7 or 8 he used to sing at birthday parties or school events. Circa 1958, he appeared many times at TV Tupi's popular 'Almoço com as estrelas' (Having lunch with the stars) where he'd sing old American standards accompanying himself with an accoustic guitar. MC Ayrton Rodrigues introduced him to a night club owner who wanted to sign him to sing at Cave, on Praça Roosevelt, but due to his being still a minor the plans fell through. 

10 August 1959 -  a note from daily 'Ultima Hora': Antonio Claudio, an 18 year-old student who is a staunch supporter of rock'n'roll has made a strong impression on those at Radio Panamericana's auditorium when he sang 'I believe' (Frankie Laine's), 'It's only make believe' (Conway Twitty's) and 'The end' (Earl Grant). Antonio Claudio said he had already sung at many TV shows when a friend told him Vaccaro was looking for new-talents to record on his newly-opened Young record label. He took his guitar and went out to Radio Panamericana's studios upon the 13th floor of Rua Riachuelo. Vaccaro listened to him and immediately asked if he'd sing impromptu on that very day... and that's how it was.  

A few days later, Antonio Claudio was teamed up with a band called The Jester Tigers made up of Jose Provetti aka Gato (lead-guitar), Horacio (rhythm-guitar), Augusto (double-bass) & Toninho Rossi at drums and they recorded 'Dream lover' b/w 'Where were you on our wedding day?' which today is a valuable collector's item.

Antonio Claudio had a good stage persona and was in the revue that opened for Brenda Lee's recital at Teatro Record from 10 to 16 September 1959. By 1961, Antonio Claudio was a fixture at opening shows for foreign acts having opened for Tony Bennett (17 & 18 May 1961) and Frankie Avalon (19 to 25 June 1961). On 18 May 1961, Antonio had the honour to sing 'Boulevard of broken dreams' - one of Mr Bennett's hit - accompanied by Betinho & his combo at Fasano's Winter Garden. 

On 17 & 18 October 1961, Antonio Claudio opened for Brenda Lee's 2nd visit to Sao Paulo - this time accompanied by  the TV Record Orchestra (read the article about it below).

Antonio Claudio as seen by journalist P.S. for São Paulo daily 'A Gazeta' on 25 October 1961.

Na terça-feira, dia 17 Outubro 1961, quando da apresentação de Brenda Lee em sua segunda temporada entre nós, enquanto o público aguardava o próximo número, havia um zum-zum-zum no Teatro Record. Surgiu então, no palco, um rapaz que não conhecíamos. O zum-zum-zum prosseguiu. A medida que ele foi cantando, porém, o silêncio foi tomando conta de todos, pois a voz do moço trazia algo de diferente. Muito boa voz.

Quem era? Ficamos sabendo depois: Danny Dallas, ou seja, Antonio Claudio Guimarães do Canto. E ele é do canto mesmo. Esse moço vai longe, se souberem aproveitá-lo. 'A Gazeta', em primeiro lugar entrevista hoje Danny Dallas.

Desde criança, com 5 ou 6 anos, Danny cantava em festinhas ou shows de colégios. Apoiado pelo pai, continuou desenvolvendo suas qualidades vocais. Estreou em radio e TV em 1959.

Danny também compõe, tendo gravado pela RGE duas de suas músicas com letra de Vercos, colega de faculdade. Tornou-se amigo de Frankie Avalon e Tony Bennett quando aqui estiveram.

Danny tem apenas 20 anos e está no 2o. ano de Direito. Depois de formado, talvez, irá aos Estados Unidos, dependendo de 'certas possibilidades'. Danny canta também em francês, além de inglês.

Já que Danny ainda não pode escolher todas as músicas que gostaria de gravar, quisemos saber quais ele preferiria. Ele nos apontou 3 norte-americanas: 'Till then', 'Portrait of my love' e 'It's only make believe'; e 3 brasileiras: 'Foi a noite' (de Antonio Carlos Jobim), 'Laura' (de Alcyr Pires Vermelho) e 'Leva-me contigo' (de Duarte Rosado, com Dolores Duran).

Danny também imita os cantores Frankie Laine, Miltinho e Paul Anka.

Antonio Claudio aka Danny Dallas at Radio Gazeta in October 1961.

Carlos David sings 'In my heart' with Amelia De Paula from the Beverlys doing the back-vocals.

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Alf Soares, Brazilian rock wunderkind 1959-1962

Alf Soares in 1960.
Alf presents Frankie Avalon a Young 45 rpm single when he sang at Teatro Record from 19 to 25 June 1961
Alf & Brenda Lee in 1959.
Alf & Neil Sedaka in July 1962.
DJ Miguel Vaccaro Netto presents 14 year-old Brenda Lee at his radio-show 'Disque Disco' on Sao Paulo's Radio Panamericana on a Monday, 14 September 1959; Brenda's manager Dub Allbritten answers questions on the microphone. 
Brenda Lee & manager Dub Allbritten at the microphone of Radio Panamericana on 14 September 1959. Photos taken by Alf Soares.
Brenda Lee at Miguel Vaccaro's 'Disque Disco' radio-show from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM.
Regiane presents Brenda Lee with a bouquet being looked at by Miguel Vaccaro's father in the background and manager Dub Allbritten on the right. 

photos taken from Lucy Zanetti's blog:

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TV Excelsior's 'Linha de frente' - 1967

Sao Paulo's TV Excelsior, Channel 9 tried to compete with TV Record's rock show 'Jovem Guarda' twice and lost both times. 

On 27 March 1966, barely 7 months after TV Record's 'Jovem Guarda' was created, TV Excelsior launched 'Excelsior a go-go' with Radio Bandeirantes DJ Luiz Aguiar as the MC and Jerry Adriani as its 'anchor'.

Now, on 25 March 1967, exactly one year to the day (minus two) after they first tried it they do it again. Now TV Excelsior went to Rio de Janeiro and signed Carlos Imperial as producer to 'Linha de Frente' (Front Line) and got Eduardo Araujo - who had taken 'O bom' to #1 in the charts a few months back - to MC the programme.

Soon after 'Linha de Frente' premiered, its producer Carlos Imperial had an argument with Eduardo Araujo, its presenter and left the show. It still went on for 13 weeks at 6:00 PM - then it moved to an earlier spot where it stayed for another 6 weeks and finally folded on 5 August 1967.

Já faz 2 anos que o maestro Edmundo Peruzzi criou sua Banda Jovem. Desde então ela tem aparecido nos programas de Eduardo Araujo e acompanhado o cantor em todos seus discos. A ideia de fazer uma pequena orquestra com guitarras surgiu quando o maestro percebeu que a juventude não aceitava musicas que não tivesse o som estridente característico do ié-ié-ié. Ele reuniu, então, 12 figuras: 4 pistões, 1 sax-alto, 1 sax-tenor, 1 sax-barítono, 1 trombone e o quarteto de Os Brasas, formando por 2 guitarras, bateria e baixo eletrônico. O sucesso da Banda mostrou que o maestro tinha razão.

Orchestra conductor Edmundo Peruzzi did something completely new in 1967: he formed a band comprised of 4 trumpets, 1 alto saxophone, 1 tenor sax, 1 baritone sax, 1 trombone plus Os Brasas' 2 guitars, 1 electric bass and drums

'Linha de Frente' with Eduardo Araujo, starts on 25 March 1967, Saturday recorded on video-tape at Teatro Cultura Artistica on Rua Nestor Pestana in São Paulo from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It is shown at TV Excelsior, Channel 2 in Rio de Janeiro on the Sunday at 3:00 PM. 

These were the dates 'Linha de Frente' were presented on Sao Paulo's TV Excelsior in 1967: 25 March (1); 1st April (2); 8 April (3); 15 April (4); 22 April (5); 29 April (6); 6 May (7); 13 May (8); 20 May (9); 26 May (10); 3 June (11); 12 June (12); 17 June (13)... they were 13 Saturdays from 6 to 7 PM...  

On 24 June 1967, 'Linha de Frente' starts earlier on Saturday and lasts for only 6 more times... and finally on 5 August 1967 it was the last show.

July 1966 - One year before Eduardo Araujo was hoisted as the anchor of 'Linha de Frente', TV Excelsior renewed attempt to compete with TV Record's 'Jovem Guarda', Araujo finally hit the charts with 'O bom' which turned out to be his biggest hit ever.

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TV Record's 'Programa da Juventude' - October 1959

TV Record was perhaps the first TV station to show interest in the new rock'n'roll craze when they signed a New York revue group called Rock'n'roll Fantasy to perform at Teatro Cultura Artistica in Sao Paulo in 1957

Since March 1959 there was a brand-new musical phenomenon on the person of Celly Campello, a 17 year-old girl from Taubaté-SP who recorded a cover of  Connie Francis's 'Stupid cupid' translated quaintly as 'Estupido cupido' which went straight to #1 at the charts and stayed there for a couple of months. 

After EMI-Odeon released Celly Campello's first album - 'Estupido cupido' - and it would play on the radio just as if it were a single... well, Paulinho Machado de Carvalho thought there was a chance of launching a rock TV show starring the pretty girl from Taubaté. 

TV Record already had some experience with the local rock scene when Radio Panamericana (a Radio Record sister station) DJ Miguel Vaccaro Netto produced live rock-radio-shows right from the stage of Teatro Record, on Saturday afternoon. They called it 'Festival de Musica Americana' and it was a parade of singers, instrumental & vocal bands that would drive those kids crazy into freenzy dancing mood. 

That was it! TV Record would book Teatro Record for Saturday afternoons for a gathering of the burgeoning rock bands and singers plus Celly Campello as a sort-of anchor and broadcast whatever came out of it. They didn't have a name for the show so the called it simply 'Programa da Juventude' (Youth's hour) and it premiered on 10 October 1959, with handsome Randal Julio being the MC. 

10 October 1959 -  the first Saturday evening Brazilian rock show 'Programa da Juventude' starred by Celly Campello ('starred' is TV Record's own words) who is accompanied by 'Ritmos OK' from Taubaté.

here are the dates of 'Programa da Juventude' that were presented from the stage of Teatro Record, at Rua da Consolação, 1992 before it was banned by the station director and exiled to the TV station studio at Avenida Miruna, in the far-away suburb of Aeroporto. 

10 October 1959
17 October 1959
24 October 1959 
31 October 1959
7 November 1959
14 November 1959

It was exactly 6 programmes at Teatro Record before a paying audience. When the management found out that kids were slashing up theatre-seats they freaked out. Comedian José Vasconcelos and his hugely-successful one-man show - 'Eu sou o espetáculo' - packed the theatre every night, at 21:45 and there was no time to repair the damage done. The owner of TV and theatre, Paulinho Machado de Carvalho had no qualms: the Saturday rock-show would have to fold in its first incarnation and move to far-away Avenida Miruna, where the city airport was located and be broadcast from a studio with no audience.

When 'Programa da Juventude' moved out to Avenida Miruna, they finally found a title for it: 'Celly & Tony in Hi-Fi' which was really appropriate to a couple of so musical brother & sister.

Celly Campello backed by Ritmos OK, a rock band from Taubaté-SP on the right; The Avalons are on the left conferring among themselves about their next number.

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The Jordans meet one-half of The Beatles

One could safely say The Avalons were the first Brazilian rock combo. Dudu & his brother & Paulinho used to be jazz musicians before they turned into rock'n'roll circa 1959. The Avalons existed for 3 years (1959-1960-1961) and its members went back to traditional jazz or other activities. 

During the short period of the Young Records existence (1959-1950) there were other combos like The Jester Tigers, The Scarlets, Ritmos OK, the band from Taubaté that accompanied Celly Campello at her TV weekly show.

In 1962, singer-guitarrist Jose Provetti aka Gato, who had fronted The Jester Tigers during the Young label years forms The Jet Blacks, they record 'Apache' for Chantecler which goes straight to Number One.

After that, one could easily say The Jordans are the next band to break through the rock scene... they soon sign up with Copacabana Records and record regularly.

By 1967, into The Jordans' fifth year of existence, and after many different formation they tour Italy & other European countries. When they visited London in November 1967 they had the chance of their lives... they met John Lennon and Ringo Starr out of the blue... and they took some shots.

12 November 1967 - daily 'O Estado de S.Paulo' prints this piece of news released by the Italian news agency ANSA. Members of Brazilian rock band The Jordans meet 2 members of The Beatles: John Lennon and Ringo Starr on Thursday, 9 November 1967 in London.

Ringo Starr (drummer), Foguinho (drummer), Neno, John Lennon, Irupê & Tony. 
John Lennon, Neno & Foguinho in London. 

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