Saturday, 4 August 2012

Album & EP covers

Tony Campello's 1960 album 

Demétrius was the first Young roster member to break out on his own when he moved to Continental  Records in 1961, a year after Young folded in. He had a major hit with 'Corinna, Corinna'. 'Ídolos da Juventude', released in 1962 was his first album ever.

Demétrius at first intended to record 'Corinna, Corinna' in English but he was advised against it by Diogo Mulero [Palmeira], Continental A&P man. Palmeira was right, after all.

Demétrius (771)

Prini Lorez's 1964 blockbuster album. It is not much of an album sleeve but considering it had to hide Prini's face from the public... it is not that bad. Prini Lorez was a gimmick Jose Scatena, the owner of RGE concocted to rip off Trini Lopez's persona. Reprise was late in releasing Trini's album in Brazil, so Scatena recorded José Gagliardi Junior as if he were Trini... he changed Zezinho's name to PRINI LOREZ and  the singles 'America' and 'La bamba' went straight to number One at the Brazilian charts. What a con artist Scatena was!

Celly Campello's 3rd album for Odeon-EMI. 

The Rebels, with 13 year-old Nenê at the drums in an album released in 1963, even though the sleeve was shot in 1962 for their EP 'Rua Augusta Zero Hora' for independent (tiny) label VS.

The Rebels' EP for VS Records.

Demétrius & Roberto Carlos no programa de José Messias - RR 15 JUN 1963.

EP (compacto-duplo) by RCA's biggest teen-age heart-throbs circa 1964: Sergio Murilo, Ronnie Cord, José Ricardo & Adilson Ramos who started as a rock singer but had a major detour into Brazilian easy-listening aka 'bolero singer'.

Bob di Carlo on the cover of Intervalo - March 1967 - by the time he hit again with Michel Polnareff's 'A boneca que diz não'.

Yeda Maria's EP for RCA Victor