Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cinema rock 1964 - 1965 - 1966

6 November 1964 - Elvis Presley's vehicle 'Fun in Acapulco' (O seresteiro de Acapulco' was at its 2nd week in Rio de Janeiro while Italian road-movie 'Il sorpasso' (Aquele que sabe viver) was running for the 6th week with packed houses. 'I sorpasso' could be pigeonholed as a 'rock movie' too because its sound track features Edoardo Vianello's 'Guarda come dondolo' a very popular Italian twist. 
17 January 1965 - 'Fun in Acapulco' (O seresteiro de Acapulco) had Ursula Adress playing against Elvis and 'Bossa Nova baby' was its highlight. Note that Rio de Janeiro usually released foreign films a few weeks before Sao Paulo had its turn. 
28 February 1965 - The Beatles hit the silver screens in the city with 'Os reis do ié ié ié' (A hard day's night). Fans would watch the movie non-stop, sometimes arriving at Cine Metropole at 12 noon and leaving at 12 mid-night. 
3rd April 1966 - Richard Lester's 'Help' (Socorro) won Rio de Janeiro's IV Centenary Film Festival as 'best film' (gaivota de ouro - Golden Sea-Gull) and 'best direction' (gaivota de prata - Silver Sea-Gull) in September 1965.
16 October 1966 - Brazilian singer Astrud Gilbert sings 'Girl from Ipanema' sharing the screen with such rock acts like The Animals, Dave Clark Five, Nancy Sinatra etc. 'Get yourself a college girl' tartly translated as 'Turma da bossa nova'. Durma-se com um barulho desses. 
28 November 1966 - Jerry Adriani stars 'Essa gatinha é minha' (This pussycat is mine) supported by French actress Annik Malvil and bossa-nova singer Pery Ribeiro