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YOUNG label in 1960

1960 promised to be a great year for all those involved in the Young Records dream. And if you read this page you'll agree that the dream did become reality. That was up until circa September when something really mysterious happened between rock-entrepreneur Miguel Vaccaro Netto and Paulinho Machado de Carvalho the manager of Emissoras Unidas that owned TV Record & Radio Panamericana. 'Disque Disco' was axed from Radio Panamericana, Vaccaro lost his daily column at 'Ultima Hora' from where most of these reports come from. In other words the dream was over.  

8 January 1960 - Friday - Young Records releases a new single: 'Kiss me honey, honey kiss me' b/w 'I can't live' sung by Lucy Perrier with back-vocals done by The Cupids.

21 January 1960 – Thursday  – Nick Savoia, 22 years old, covers Jimmy Harrison's 'Hiccups' b/w 'Since you've been gone' done originally by Clyde McPhatter (#38 on 3 August 1959). 

12 & 13 January 1960 - Young acts from Sao Paulo tour Rio de Janeiro on the weekend - Young Records acts performed at various venues in Rio on Saturday & Sunday; They were the main attraction at Radio Mayrink Veiga's 'Hoje é dia de rock' and later on at TV Tupi's 'Chacrinha's discotheque' on Channel 6.  

14 March 1960 - guitarrist Jose Provetti aka Gato has left the Jester Tigers to pursue a solo career.  

3 May 1960 - Tuesday - 'Bad boy' b/w 'I go ape' with Nick Savoia accompanied by The Rebels & The Beverlys at the background vocals is released in both 78 and 45 rpm formats.

Radiolandia #313, 2nd April 1960: this lovely girl is called Regiane. She's the first rock'n'roll singer released by São Paulo's new label Young. Regiane has recently visited Rio de Janeiro alongside the Young cast in a tour organized by journalist Miguel Vaccaro Netto. Regine is 18 years old and goes to the Sacred Family High School (Colégio Sagrada Familia). 

14 May 1960 – Saturday  – Nick Savoia sings at 'Chacrinha's discotheque'; Hamilton Di Giorgio, The Beverlys plus Demetrius & The Devils are the main attraction at 'Show da Juventude' on Channel 7, the brand-new rock show MCed by Miguel Vaccaro Netto on Saturdays at 7:10 PM. After the TV programme they all go to Clube Piratininga. 

7 July 1960 - Thursday - Young Records releases Demetrius first single 'Hold me tight' b/w 'Young and in love'; Hamilton Di Giorgio's 2nd single for Young Records is released: 'Teenage sonata' b/w 'We got love'. Di Giorgio is the label's best selling artist. 

9 July 1960 - Rio de Janeiro's daily 'Correio da Manhã' reports about the great event promoted by Miguel Vaccaro Netto during Sao Paulo's very own public holiday. 

25 July 1960 - Monday - a special screening of 'A summer place' (Amores clandestinos) with Troy Donahue & Sandra Dee at Cine Ipiranga is sponsored by Warner Brothers & RGE that released 'Theme from 'A summer place' with Billy Vaughn & his Orchestra.

Radiolandia #333, July 1960: Regiane, her boy-friend & Nick Savoia at Radio Nacional Paulista's 'Discoteca do Chacrinha'; journalist Liba Frydman talks to Young Records promotion man Vicente Lopes.  

7 JUL 1960 – 5a.  O guitarrista Gatto grava “Paris Belfort” para o 9 de Julho. 

25 July 1960 - Monday - 'Ritmo de gente moça' (Young people's rhythm) is a new rock-show produced by Nelson Duarte on Monday nights at ten minutes to 8:00 PM. Nick Savoia, Regiane and all the cast of Young Records is there.  

15 August 1960 - Monday - US singer Johnny Restivo starts his stint at Teatro Record at 10:00 PM. Even though it's a rainy night the theatre is full. Opening for Restivo is 'Um gaiato em Nova York' (A madcap in New York) a rock revue produced by Vaccaro and directed by Esdras Vassalo aka Doca who plays the main role - that of a Brazilian youth who visits New York and finds out about the many different parts of the city. Hamilton Di Giorgio, The Teenagers, Dori Angiolella, Marcos Roberto, Gato and Helena Maria sing each a number in the musical revue. When Doca arrives in Harlem he finds The Beverlys singing one of their hits. Regiane sang 'O Dio mio' in reference to the Italian immigrants in the city. Bobby Darin's latest US hit 'Clementine' (#21 on 4 April 1960) was performed dazzingly by Nick Savoia and Paul Evans' funny 'Happy go-lucky' (#10 on 30 May 1960) plus Johnny Preston's 'Running Bear' (#1 on 21 December 1959) were also performed at the revue. 

17 August 1960 - Tuesday - Vaccaro gives a dinner in honour of teen-idol Johnny Restivo after his recital at Teatro Record and invites the cast of Young Records who worked hard earlier in the night presenting the musical revue. When everyone had already eaten what they could at Zi Teresa's restaurant, on Rua Fernando de Albuquerque, a block away from the theatre, Gato took his guitar and improvised a song having been joined by The Teenagers and Hamilton Di Giorgio. Restivo also sang accompanied by the voices of The Teenagers. Johnny then asked the guys to show him Brazilian songs. Nick Savoia immediately broke into Antonio Carlos Jobim's 'A felicidade' (from 'Black Orpheus') to be followed by The Teenagers again who sang a few bossa nova tunes always accompanied by Gato on his guitar. Johnny Restivo was so taken up by the Brazilian rhythm he improvised a maraca to keep the beat that turned out to be a cross between cha-cha and rumba, the way Americans play samba. Oh what a lovely night that started with pizza and turned into a delicious musical salad. 

Young Records ads at Radiolandia in November 1960

 Amelia de Paula Loureiro from The Beverlys, sings the counter-melody in Carlos David's 'In my heart'. 

Amelia de Paula Loureiro sings the counter-melody  in Carlos David's 'In my heart'. It is a haunting melody and it keeps up from the beginning up to the last note. Amelia should have been given credit on the record label. Well, at least we know it's been Amelia's work.


Regiane aka Regina Celia Belocchi Wacked died on Wednesday, 26 July 2017, in Jundiai-SP where she lived most of her life. 

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