Sunday, 24 September 2017

VS an independent label

RGE - Radio Gravações Elétricas - a recording studio that produced and distributed commercial jingles to radio stations all over Brazil became an independent label in 1956. Following RGE's example, VS - Som Industrial Vilela Santos Ltda. opened shop in mid 1963. Radio man Ataliba Santos was its boss; Guido Bianchi its production manager and Rogerio Duprat its artistic director. 

Nelson Luiz sings 'Só na solidão' b/w 'Amanhã quero ser mais feliz', VS's first release. 
Radiolandia, 15 September 1963, columnist Theotônio Pavão. 
Radiolandia, 1st October 1963; Theotonio introduces The Hits, a rock band. 

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