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Terry Winter aka Tommy Standen

Terry Winter started charting in 1971, when his one-year-in-the-can 'You'll notice me' was finally noticed by the record-buying public to dent the top 10 circa November 1971.

Terry Winter started as Tommy Standen having recorded a single for RCA Victor in 1967. 'O quente' (the hot number) followed the lead of Eduardo Araujo's 'O bom' that had been #1 number in the charts and described the life of a free-wheeling play boy who only thought about himself. As Tommy was a good looking fellow he sang at most rock'n'roll shows around TV and got away with it.

Standen had actually written much better songs that were recorded by Ronnie Von in his debut album: 'Soldadinho de chumbo' and 'Pequeno principe' with words provided by Fred Jorge.

As the 1960s edged towards the end Standen was signed by Beverly, a subsidiary of Copacabana Discos where he recorded mostly in English using his own name. 'Tomorrow, tomorrow' written by the Gibb Brothers was released by Beverly in 1969, to compete with the Bee Gees.

In 1970, Tommy Standen decided to change his name to Terry Winter, write his own material in English and record it for New Records a made-up name Beverly thought would look better on the label. It took almost a year for Beverly to release 'You'll notice me' as a single in late 1971. It soon entered the charts and gave rise to a new pop star that would be a major star in 1972 with 'Summer holiday' topping the charts in Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

You'll notice me 

Tell me that my love is alone and I want you to know 
I love you so, 
oh yeah!

pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa 

The moment I have someone to share some love with me 
you'll notice me

The moment I have someone to share some love with me 
you'll notice me 

Then my love is made up for you, 
and I know just what I can do. 
I know you're in love 
and you say that your love is not for me,
anyway, you'll notice me
baby, you'll notice me
ah, you'll notice me. 
Ah, you'll notice me.

Terry Winter wrote 'You'll notice me' using the pseudonym Bart Baraboskin which is an anagram on Burt Bacharach whom Terry revered as a musical genius; for 'Summer holiday' he switched to Tony Temple

Terry Winter charted well with 'You'll notice me' which became 'Descubrirás que yo existo' and 'Summer holiday' (Fiesta de verano) all over South America in 1972-1973

Discos Beverly was upbeat when it advertised on 13 January 1973, at Billboard. Terry Winter had actually already left Beverly for RCA Victor

When Beverly released Terry Winter's single 'You'lll notice me' in late 1971, little did they realize this would start a new trend. That of Brazilian song-writers writing material in English to compete with the imported stuff. Just 2 years before, in 1969, Tommy Standen covered the Bee Gees' Tomorrow, tomorrow' but obviously could not compete with the Gibb Brothers. 

Terry Winter when he was Tommy Standen; with wife Miriam Conceição Baraboskin & 2 children in November 1972 at the height of his success as Terry Winter. Miriam was Nick Savoia's step-sister.

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