Sunday, 7 September 2014

1959 - 1960 - 1961 Rock scrap-book

One can almost follow Brazilian Rock History going through this 1961 scrap book that belonged to Silvia Paula Jentsch, a girl from São Paulo who was born in 1942 and was obviously a rock fan. 

Neil Sedaka was big in Brazil since late 1959 - Brenda Lee visted Brazil in 1959
Elvis was big but not the greatest - Ronnie Cord was a Brazilian young man trying to pass off as a Gringo 
Celly Campello was undoubtedly the Queen of Rock - Bobby de Carlo hit with 'Eliana' in 1960
'Lacinhos cor-de-rosa' (Pink shoe laces) - 'Pobre de mim' (Poor little fool)
Celly Campello's 'Estupido cupido' - Carlos Gonzaga's 'Foi teu beijo' (Something has changed)
Celly's 'Mal-me-quer' (Doris Day's 'Don't eat the daisies')
Celly's 'Broto certinho'  - Sergio Murilo's biggest hit: 'Marcianita'
Ronnie Cord's 2nd hit 'Look for a star'
Neil Sedaka, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis & Sergio Murilo
The Platters were the most popular do-wop group in Brazil - Brenda Lee's 'That's all you gotta do'
Sedaka, Anka, Presley & Brenda Lee were the most popular US rock acts in Brazil 
Demetrius was local royalty - Pat Boone was quite popular among Brazilians too.
Frankie Lymon & Frankie Avalon visited Brazil in 1961 - Elvis never strayed too far south from Rio Grande
Paul Anka & Neil Sedaka had rival fan clubs. One was either for Paul or Neil. They didn't mix.
Elvis had a different following: young people had the chance to see him in the movies
Hamilton Di Giorgio recorded in English at first, then switched to Portuguese later on
Cliff Richard had an attitude, but not hits in Brazil. Chubby Checker was huge in 1962.
Bobby Vee had a nice face, but no hits. Celly Campello meets Neil Sedaka

Caterina Valente was pre-rock but she knew how to rock it - Carlos Gonzaga was undeclared King
Celly Campello & Sergio Murilo were royalties in Brazil up to 1962.

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