Friday, 5 September 2014


Demetrius's first single 'Hold me tight' b/w 'Young and in love' was recorded at Miguel Vaccaro Netto's Young Records and released on 7 July 1960. He was a natural rocker following the Elvis school.

Demetrius was good looking, had the right attitude and knew how to behave on the stage. He started his singing career in English but in 1961, Diogo Mulero, A&R man at Continental Records knew better and convinced Demetrius to sing 'Corina, Corina' in Portuguese.

'Corina, Corina' was a big hit that Young Records could have never matched. Demetrius had finally arrived. 

 rockers Tony Campello & Demetrius 
 Demetrius had the right look... 
 Demetrius was a heart-throb

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